Rising In Recovery - How Personal Experience Motivates Professional Growth

Dr. Brandee Izquierdo
SAFE Project
Arlington, VA

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Community Renewal Team
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As the designated community action agency for both Hartford and Middlesex Counties, the Community Renewal Team (CRT) is dedicated to helping people take steps toward healthy and economically stable futures. Since 1963, our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization has partnered with local elected officials, providers, funders, businesses and the community to address challenges like hunger, homelessness, unemployment and poverty. Together, we increase access to education, affordable housing, mental health services and much more for thousands of individuals and families throughout Central Connecticut each and every year.

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About Dr. Izquierdo

Brandee Izquierdo’s drive and determination are built on making an impact within behavioral health, promoting long-term recovery, and ensuring communities are educated and have the tools necessary to combat the addiction epidemic. Before leading the SAFE Project team, Brandee worked for Faces & Voices of Recovery as the Director of Advocacy and Outreach. In addition, she served as the Associate Director of Special Populations with Behavioral Health System Baltimore and as the Director of Consumer Affairs for the state of Maryland’s Behavioral Health Administration. In these leadership roles, Brandee has led advocacy efforts to expand access to behavioral health services and recovery support services while providing technical assistance both nationally and internationally, empowering others within the recovery movement. Her ability to build relationships and bridge gaps within behavioral health, community services, and criminal justice have been a catalyst for global peer expansion. As a subject matter expert with Center for Social Innovation, Policy Research Associates, SAMHSA, and the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC), Brandee has made vast contributions within behavioral health and within the recovery movement around public policy, outreach, and workforce development. Additionally, Brandee has made a significant impact within the judicial system, advocating for access to treatment and recovery and is the principal investigator of Maryland and Virginia’s integrated-Forensic Peer Recovery Specialist curriculum. Brandee’s passion for service work and knowledge of recovery support services extends beyond behavioral health. With a bachelor’s degree in Government and Public Policy and a master’s degree in Public Administration, Brandee earned her Doctorate in Public Administration in 2021 with an emphasis on behavioral health and organizational change management.


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About us

The CCB is an independent, non-governmental, 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that offers certification for addiction counselors, clinical supervisors, co-occurring disorders and prevention professionals in Connecticut. The Board has established specialty certificates in substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and problem gambling for professionals licensed and credentialed in other behavioral healthcare domains. The Board is active in a number of important state-wide workforce development initiatives, provides training/continuing education and ensures that the trainings provided in Connecticut by approved vendors meet established standards.